It was 1994 and we knew that Tallulah Gorge was about to become a State Park. My husband, Don, had the idea to rent out mountain bikes to the people who would be coming to the Park, We talked to Bill Tanner, the superintendent at the Park, about having a trailer at the park for the bikes. We realized that was going to be more red tape than what we wanted to deal with, plus it would be limiting. We thought that it would be nice to be able to sell drinks and maybe even t-shirts. We started looking around for some other options. We decided that the old Gorge overlook, Tallulah Point, would be a great place to house our mountain bike rental business and sell a few other things on the side as well. We talked to the owners, and ten days later, after borrowing $100 off of oinfosidebar2ur credit card and going to Sam’s for drinks and snacks, we opened up for the first time on August 20th, 1994! We also contacted our craftspeople friends, asking them to put their creations on consignment. There was also old inventory left in the shop from when it had been open five years previously. So with $100, items on consignment, and the old inventory, we began our store! No capital! No business plan! No idea what we were getting into! We were just flying by the seat of our pants! That first day we doubled our $100 investment! We purchased our mountain bikes that fall but it was the store that took off. We spent those first few years only being open April through November, and only renting a portion of the building. Over the years, we expanded our hours and our space and now, almost 21 years later, we are open 363 days out of the year (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas days) and lease the entire property! We weathered quite a few storms but have always managed to keep our doors open thanks to all our wonderful customers who literally come from all over the world. We greatly appreciate our regular customers who include a stop as part of their mountain travels. It gives me great joy to hear a customer say how they use to come when they were a child and are now bringing their own childern, or the older parent who says they brought their children and now are bringing their grandchildren! Generations have made Tallulah Point part of their family tradition!

It has been a fun adventure and an amazing learning experience! Many many thanks to everyone who has been a part of making Tallulah Point a thriving reality all these years!!!